Plazma Burst 3 Hacked

* To play Plazma Burst 3 Hacked, change the date on your PC to January 11, 2021 and restart your browser.

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Hack Information

  • Increase health x100000

    Get all weapons

    Hyper Jump

    All levels unlocked and 999999 money


  • Move



    Change weapons
  • Throw a grenade

    Use items

    Time warp


Plazma Burst 3 Hacked can be the best game option for you when spending leisure time at home. This game was developed by Coolbuddy Company in September 26th, 2012. It is actually kind of action game. Well, how this game looks like? Let this article review this game for you.

Plazma Burst 3 Hacked

You need to know that this game is the sequel part of its first game in internet. It also becomes the most favorite game for the internet gamers. What this game provides for you? This game provides flash with flash design ever released in the game world.
Besides that, you can manage and control your own soldier. Then, you can take them into the war zone by killing your enemies and protecting your own planet in the last invasion.

Plazma Burst 3 Hacked

In some game sites, Plazma Burst 3 Hacked reaches the rating about 4.43. It has been also played by 605,809 times by all gamers. Well, you can choose this game as the best choice. It will be perfect for you who love action or war games the most.
Besides that, you can also customize the game war as you want. Finally, those are all some reviews about Plazma Burst 3 Hacked.


Game download

Plazma Burst 3 Hacked download

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  1. deandre says:

    legitmate hacks

  2. ? says:

    Your awesome. Keep making more hacked games, possibly pb2.5 😉

  3. i forgot... says:

    best game ever

  4. soumyadeep debnath says:

    i need granade launcher plazma 2

  5. Derik says:

    The best hacked game i ever played.

  6. kyran carson says:

    you need to play this game

  7. CAT says:


  8. legen16928 says:

    este juego es el mejor

  9. leyenda27 says:

    estas muerto tal leyenda

  10. legen16928 says:

    te invito a jugar en grupo

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