Plazma Burst


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    Change weapons
  • Throw a grenade

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    Time warp

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Planet of your race was almost completely destroyed, and you will be sent with another warrior back to correct the course of events. But it seems that an error in the calculations… You hit at the right time, but in the wrong place. Now you, your friend and appliances scattered nearby planet. You must find its ally and go to Your planet…

plazma burst

Having a great passion of playing game might often makes you feel that really attracted by the wide ranges of games. For sure, there are so many kinds of games which can be played especially if you are hunting online. Surely, anyone especially any game lovers have their own favourite genre of the game which can make you feel that really fun. If you are always get attracted by the action games as like the shooting game, the game of Plazma Burst might be such the great idea to be played. However, for sure if you are truly a game lover, especially an action game lover, you might have been familiar with this game.

Plazma Burst game is a kind of shooting game which is completely that popular. It has been popular from its very first series of the Plazma Burst. If you do not have any experience playing this game, it is a good idea for having it a try since there are so many action game lovers who are also in love with this game. This is a game which was developed by the team of SiBiTrix which results the fun yet challenging action game. The plazma burst forward to past game is such a good idea to be tried as a challenging online game with the action genre. That is why it is such a popular game among the action game lovers.


Plazma Burst - final boss

final boss (Sword Bot)

Among the wide ranges of games, Plazma Burst might be one of the interesting games which offers a lot of fun and also entertainment. That is also really challenging even if you really love various action games. If you want the more challenge from the game or the first series of the Plazma Burst, it is a good idea for you to play the game of plazma burst multiplyer. The online game will challenge you more in this action game.

Plazma Burst Walkthrough

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